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About Us


Commerce Department

quote2-newTo facilitate trade whilst providing the necessary infrastructure to regulate the crafts sector and to encourage the securing, utilisation and respect of intellectual property rights. quote2-new

The Commerce Department within the Ministry for the Economy, Enterprise And Strategic Projects, consists of the Trade Services and Projects Directorate responsible for import and export licences and trading licences, the Industrial Property Registrations Directorate responsible for registration of trademarks and designs and patenting of inventions and Unit responsible for Copyright, Crafts, SOLVIT and the Internal Market Information (IMI) System



means a person who practices a craft in Malta and earns his living by or supplements his income by that craft or who proves that he possesses the ability to produce craft products. A craftsperson shall be a citizen of Malta or a European Union national who has formal residence in Malta or any other person who hails from any other country who has the necessary permits issued by the relevant authorities to have a permanent residence in Malta and to work in Malta in the crafts sector.

Crafts Entrepreneur
means a person who by way of trade predominantly deals in craft products made in Malta.


means an art, skill or trade declared by the Minister to be a craft under article 3 of CAP 613 which is practised by a person or persons in the manufacture of craft products made by craftspersons.


Maltese Craft
means a craft generally reflecting the traditions and heritage of the Maltese Islands.


Maltese Craft Products
include products made completely by hand or with the help of hand tools or even mechanical means, as long as the direct manual contribution of the craftsperson remains the most substantial component of the finished product and refers to crafts made in Malta.



Certificate tags are issued to registered craftspersons.